friendly Friday, 4/20

It was great to see a LOT of late HA’s get completed at RH. Hip hip hooray for Jordan and Gabe, who were able to work on all new activities, enjoy earnings AND go forward in SoL this week due to completing all late HA’s by Wednesday morning (or not having any late HA’s at all). They reached the city! This is an important weekend and opportunity for several of you to finish all late HA’s.  Go for it! Take that path to the city!

  • Gabby, let your Grandma know about your upcoming co-op meal so you can plan a shopping time. I wish you had completed your menu and market list. at RH.
  • Reminder to list the time you completed each of your affirmation sessions, being sure tho use “I am…” for each TN quality, thinking about what they mean for you so they make a difference. 

Here are some dialog items for your chats with parents or caregivers today. Choose at least 6 and print the bolded words neatly on the back of your HA log with 4/20 above them.

  • How many TN’s does everyone have this weekend for affirmations AND what was your motivation for choosing the ones you chose?
  • What type of corn was used in Charlie’s corn chowder? Hint: what had been done to the corn before it was frozen?
  • What are two things that were new to you or really interesting from Aurora’s online rocketry class?
  • What do you feel really good about learning or completing this week at RH?
  • What is happening right now in the STLC book you are currently reading?
  • Why were T’s peanut butter cookies healthier than many other cookies? Hint: What was and wasn’t in them?
  • Share what this sentence means: ¿Nosotros podemos caminar al restaurante y al cine esta noche?
  • Which was your favorite academic activity this week?
  • What was different about soccer golf on Thursday OR describe the course.

Sending wishes for a focused weekend — a focus on kindness, competing your responsibilities, being helpful and doing things that bring you joy. Gabe’s idea is for us to trade something on Monday that makes a noise. Recuerda, TODO lo que hacemos importa. (Remember, EVERYthing we do matters.) Happy Trails, muchachos.