Who We Are

A relationship-based, intentional community: A small group of multi-aged students, perceptive mentor/guides, supportive parents, and workshop leaders coming together to mindfully inspire and nurture our innate goodness, individual talents, mutual respect, curiosity, and real engagement with learning. We are a TEAM working together to discover and practice methods that allow all of us to find ways to move beyond labels and challenges in order to express our true nature, purpose, potential and zest for life.

An intimate, stimulating and engaged learning atmosphere: We value diverse learning styles, which are interwoven with the cultivation of compassion, concentration, curiosity, joyful contribution, trust, and mindfulness (as taught by Thich Nhat Hahn). Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, awake and aware in the here and in the now. Mindful breathing, walking, working, etc. bring concentration and deep insight into one’s life. Being mindful is an effective tool for helping us to care tenderly and effectively for ourselves and our community as we learn and discover together.

We also practice Non-Violent Communication together — the work of Marshall Rosenberg and The Center for Non-Violent Communication. NVC, also known as Compassionate Communication, is a way of relating to ourselves and each other in the present moment, attempting to be free of judgments and quick reactions. By learning to identify our needs and express them effectively, as well as be curious and understanding of the needs of others, we find strategies that meet the most needs for those involved, creating a life that is more meaningful, connected, fun and fulfilling.


Scholars Together Learning Community, Inc., a operating in Royal Oak and Commerce Township, Michigan.








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