Wake Up…It’s a Brand New Day!

So this morning we once again took part in a Scholars yearly tradition of an early morning barefoot walk in the snow to a quick “dip” in our frigid, icy river in March … a POLAR dip, as we refer to it! Last year we did it as part of an exercise to push past our own self-imposed limits. This year students begged to do it again because they remembered the invigoration that followed that first plunge, …the excitement and pure delight!

Once again there were squeals of surprise with that first contact of naked foot with the crispy bed of frozen snow, supportive comradery, and discussion of what it must be like for the ducks we see around us, and our awe for Eskimos who have learned to adapt to their frigid community. Mostly, I loved to see our scholars (and me, too) do something that enlivened their senses, something that gave them a direct connection to Mother Earth, and something that transported them so simply into vivid consciousness so early in the morning.

When they returned they jotted down a few descriptions of what was going in in their thoughts before, during and after the experience.

. . . Alive, Happy, Awesome, Glad, Like a duck in the water! . . .Worried, Afraid . . . Then Excited and Invigorated!  A Rush, Numbed, Awake! . . . Apprehensive, Exhilarated, Joyful! . . . Thrilling, Adventurous, Enlivened!

Yet another time when we were all grateful to be here, to be alive, and to be together… experiencing the simple pleasures of our “home” in the woods and our place on this Earth!

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Director/Lead Instructor, Scholars Together

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