vision and the doors of perception

I was graciously greeted this morning via my email with this short video by Karmatube and this quote by William Blake: If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

It felt like a friend was visiting me as I watched the video clip and pondered the quote that reminded me so much of a childhood story we would read and talk about often as a family. It was about a house with a window of multicolored panes that portrayed different and beautiful views of the scene outdoors, but unrealistic views, because of the different colors of the glass. There was just one pane that had clear glass in it, but even the view from that pane was distorted when the pane was dirty. There were so many ways my mom used that story with us as metaphors for things going on in our lives and how taking the time to “clean” our view was so important. Thanks mom, I use that so often.

I love how Blake’s quote reminds me to take the moments to get silent and think about how I am seeing, perceiving and processing the views around me. Do my windows, my perceptions, need some cleaning? Is the view distorted by a tightly held opinion or standpoint, or even a world trend? Is the pane (or pain) I am looking through clouding my thinking or ability to hear new ideas, clearer direction, to see reality…even spiritual reality? Is there a bubble or misrepresentation in my looking glass? ah…I love this type of questioning within myself and to be able to see how clearer, cleaner, unobstructed views will help my day unfold with more realistic views about myself, others and my world…and where those wiped-clean “out-looks” will lead my footsteps today.

And then…how inspired I am to watch and think about the short video clip mentioned above. It fits so well with the quote and committing to a  moment, or as you see the video – a moment turned to many moments, to ongoing mindfulness moments, to kindness challenges, to community outreach, etc. in a previously-thought-unlikely workplace. I LOVE it!

From time to time we do mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness challenges at Scholars Together that always lead us so easily to more moments of reflection, self-examination and improvement, more thinking of others and our world, and being better stewards of our community. We are currently involved in a 21-day eco footprint challenge that is fun, eye-opening and causing us all to think and re-think our daily habits and purchases that affect our mother Earth. Feel free to join us here if you would like. There are 2088 members so far from around the globe.

And yet, I know that I/we can do more. The financial company in the video did SUCH evolving from their first simple commitment to begin their team meetings with a simple minute of silence. That minute took on a life of its own, a vital life, an inner and expanding life and view that has led this company, not only to go further financially than it thought possible, but to give new and clearer views to its team members that has spread to their families, new clients and communities.

So… I thought we all might use this as part of our inspiration to find ways to add more thoughtful or reflective moments to our days, to our family meals or meetings, to our team meetings at work and school, to a variety of group openers, etc. and see where it can lead us. Are you in?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and ways that YOU will and are integrating this commitment to a quiet moment into your lives, families, work and communities. Let’s look forward together to clean and clear views along our paths.

Tien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Learning Community 

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