True Nature

Scholars Together Learning Community is ALL about acknowledging, cherishing and expressing our TRUE nature…the one we all have, the absolute core of who we are. We find that taking time each day to remember WHO we are brings stupendous and sweet results. We also see that acknowledging one another’s true nature can be a refreshing perspective and a healthy alternative to being frustrated, angry, or sad due to the actions of another. There is a quote (paraphrased here) that goes something like: a true friend is one who reminds you of your song (your true nature) when you have forgotten it. Mmmmm….I just love that!

imagesThis week STLC students came up with a list of qualities that give just a glimpse of what we call our true nature, innate being, authentic self, our golden essence. They had such clear and great ideas. The list is definitely blog-worthy.

Our True Nature is:

  • pure goodness
  • inner light
  • kind-hearted
  • honest
  • love
  • happiness
  • patient
  • whole
  • awake
  • caring
  • peaceful
  • friendly
  • intelligent
  • positive
  • gentle
  • wisdom
  • responsible
  • co-operation
  • helpful
  • appreciation
  • healthy
  • flourishing
  • truth
  • full of potential
  • motivated
  • eager
  • ALL good
  • curious
  • pure
  • open
  • unlimited
  • beautiful
  • grateful
  • courage
  • clean
  • enough
  • ready
  • innocent
  • alert
  • right here, right now

images 2We once again committed to reminding ourselves and each other of these innate qualities and attributes as the core of who we are! Thanks STLC students for your great contributions to our ongoing list and your willingness to incorporate them into your daily routine and your lives. It certainly blesses each of us, our community AND our world.

Tien, Jay, Leyla, Alondre, John, Stella, Ally, David, Tyler and Eren  

Scholars Together Learning Community

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