treasures among us…everyday

This photo depicts just a small section of a wall of an old abandoned building in Holbrook, Arizona… behind a broken-down chain-link fence, ground  littered with remnant wrappers and bottles…a sight that would go completely unnoticed if one weren’t awake and aware. What a glorious treasure! It fills me with gratitude for the beauty that is ALWAYS nearby…when it is our focus to find it.

petrified wood
I see SO much in this wall (once again, the voice of divine Intelligence speaking to me through this wall in that and this moment): the ever-so-creative craftsmanship; a community of rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors – all complimenting one another, hugging each other close; the lastingness of work done long ago with step-by-step care and effort; the unique depth and dimension of every single piece; the shining-forthness of each individual rock, not trying to be anything but itself. Ahhhhhh, just like the potential and true nature in EACH of us…right here, right now. When we stop to take notice, it is there, palpably present …ready to use and enjoy.

 What treasure is in store for YOU today?  

white compositeTien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Learning Community
photography by B. Jay Langlois


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