To BE or not to be…sunflowers!

_DSC1077We are renting a car in Italy. We did it with a bit of trepidation at first as we crept through tiny, tiny alleys where we had to pull in our side mirrors in order to make our way through, gradually feeling a bit more comfortable and with a feeling of kid-like excitement inside…and now, with such freedom we have been exploring and driving… EVERYwhere! We have been discovering and surveying ancient towns and roads without a GPS, getting quite good at rotary-ing around the MANY rotaries… curving and gliding over winding mountain passes and through tunnels that thrust us out into gorgeous rural views_DSC1081…hills, and mountains, terraced fields and fields of grapevines, olive trees and SUNFLOWERS! Literally hundreds and hundreds of acres of sunflowers for miles and miles… different heights and sizes, at different stages of opening to fields and fields of those flowers open to their fullest, near bursting with their sunflower-ness. I drank in and drank in the beauty, the yellows, the shapes, the petals AND that they were ALL – every single one of them – facing the same direction, bending ever so gently to face the sun!  SO beautiful! SO meaningful. They were each just BEing their natural selves…reaching toward the light, BEing sunflowers in all their glory. It was as though I had smacked my forehead with my _DSC1085palm with an ah-ha moment. “Just like US!” I thought. Our current and true and forever nature is to BE who we are and lean toward the Light…and share our beauty, our moment by moment flourishing with the world, one moment at a time. Some of the stalks were short, some were more open than others, some were a deeper yellow…but NONE of it mattered. In fact, it added depth and beauty to the field.

What a sight, what a lesson! Though I have some photos of these scenes, the mental image is here to stay, here to use, here to share. Won’t you join me in our SELF-ness as we lean towards the Light in each of our moments…until it feels natural?

_DSC1087Tien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Learning Community, Inc.

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