The New Normal…

nor·mal  /ˈnôrməl/  occurring naturally; conforming to a standard; usual or expected
in·nate  /iˈnāt/   inborn, natural, originating in the mind; inherent, native, normal

Each day at STLC we take moments with our students to remind ourselves of our true nature, our innate goodness and the choices we have in each moment to respond to situations and people with love, care and understanding. For me, it reminds me each day about what is innate, what is “normal”…and I realize that I am talking about the NEW normal.

I often hear some of these comments: it’s normal for siblings to fight and be jealous of one another, or it’s normal that teens use profanity and are moody, or it’s normal to tell a few lies here and there, or it’s normal that kids don’t like to share or help around the house, etc. etc. etc. I felt sad first when first I heard these comments, because I do NOT think these things are normal or natural within us. They are habits and views that we hold that do NOT serve us. They are modes of thinking about human nature that are circulated, believed …and then seen in action. I realize that I want to do so much more than feeling sad when I hear these comments… I want to do something empowering, something that shifts the paradigm.

I find and SEE a different kind of normal played out every day in our STLC environment in many cases. As we open our hearts to what feels true to ourselves and are aware of how even our bodies give us notice by feeling at ease or feeling discomfort, I see that we find that it is SO normal to have a desire to act out our love, kindness and forgiveness with our brothers and sisters, to be eager to help someone in need and go beyond what is “my” job or “your” job. I see students come to me and let me know of a discrepancy in the truthfulness of a comment or action without apparent reason or request to do so…just because that energy of staying with truth is more inline with their core as opposed to the opposite.

What are YOUR thoughts about the NEW normal? Or is it really the eternal and long-standing normal, our innate goodness, that just seemed to get covered over for awhile? Onward into discovery…finding the moments of what is innate and normal for us and others…and having the courage to stand for it, acknowledge it, expect it, and express it!

written by Tien Langlois, Scholars Together Learning Community, Inc.


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