Some snippets from this year at STLC

jack on waterI am struck in this moment by a sense of beauty, innocence and the zest of life I see in our students as I watch the slideshow I put together for our recent Family Sharing night. As parents and teachers I think we have such a sense of ahhhhhhh, gratitude and satisfaction when we see our children have opportunities to get certain needs met… curiosity – the need to know, freedom, creative expression, feeling needed and heard in a community, and to see the efforts of their research and learning pay off in ways that actually show.

As I watched and re-watched this slide show offering, I felt a deep sense of happiness for what I know lives in these students ALWAYS and how satisfying it must feel to them (even they might not appear to be outwardly aware of it) to be able to BE with others in real ways while discovering who they are, what their talents are, what works and doesn’t work, and that this life is not always easy, that we often need to work for what is really important and gratifying.

I invite you enjoy this slideshow for what it brings to YOU, and to also let it conjure up what you feel is REALLY important for your/our children…in this world that would try to carry us off to an incessant desire for more entertainment or an absorption in self. What is important enough to desire and cherish it SO much for our children that it becomes what WE live and model?

Tien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Learning Community, Inc.

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