Simple things are treasures

Simple pleasures….the true treasure

I am so very grateful that there are so many simple things or activities that I love and have loved since I was a wee child. As I am sitting in the desert in the pitch dark, amazing stars are in the sky, a sweet husband is nearby, and I am enthralled with our simple campfire in an old metal bucket with makeshift holes. I can stare it for long, long moments, engrossed with its many shifting shapes, the redness of the coals, the wafting of the smoke and its perfume that I will purposely keep on my sweatshirt for as long as possible. I can sit SO still with this fire, loving the quiet, the stillness, the warmth. Simple….an awesome treasure.

Or the memories I have of my mom giving me just a half glass of Vernors in a small cup to sip as a kid, and feeling delighted, loved, treasured. I have the same delight as I drink it now, just as if I were transported back some 50 years. Or to sit in a room with a single candle and watch it flicker or just feel how cozy it makes me feel…or to light a few others that transforms my home into a sweet and calm atmosphere… to feel the joy of that. To be able to sit for a whole hour or more and read a book, to feel the situation, know the characters…with no pictures, videos, just the printed word and the creativity of the writer. To feel my breath at a sweet and steady rhythm.

I feel sad sometimes when I see that so many kids just don’t have some of those simple pleasures, but need the latest technology to make an attempt at happiness. I know those moments are there, but they are passed over, never noticed as they are rushed on to more entertainment activities for fear that they might be bored. I say “bring on the boredom,” because it will eventually lead to noticing the simple, the treasures that are all around us. I remember hours that one of my daughters would sit outside hitting a tennis ball against the garage door making up stories that I could hear from my upstairs office window. She remembers those times, too, not as a boring time without an activity, but as times for her to BE, for her to find simple treasured moments.

At times, I lament that at 10 years old many children have already ridden in a limousine or flown to a Caribbean island, but have never sat still listening to the frogs in a pond or lay completely covered in fresh leaves for long moments soaking in that undeniably delicious smell. I yearn for them to be delighted when a piece of ice is pushed over the edge of the dam near our river or experience how good it feels to have a full armload of fire wood to carry after searching for it.

Taking time to notice and love the simple, …..ahhhhh, this is one of the many wonderful, important things we do in the Scholars community…and I love that! Our students are exposed to the simple things, the sweet and amazing things in life…from the smell of our freshly baked bread that pulls them one by one into the kitchen just to breathe in the smell and know that later we will eat it, to a walk completely quiet through a wooded trail, feeling the crisp air, hearing the woodpecker…saying nothing but feeling akin to their world, or laying in the snow with their heads on the lap of a fellow community mate looking up at the sky, …truly moments of wonder and inner joy!

Tucking a child in bed (being tucked in bed) and sitting there for a moment in the quiet, neither of us speaking, but feeling each other’s presence….another simple treasure for me, as I take turns with my sweet grandchildren offering these simple moments. There are so many moments that I want to notice and love. Let’s share them here. What are your simple pleasures? I think they make the world go ‘round.

2 thoughts on “Simple things are treasures

  1. Rochelle

    This blog message reminds me of the true meaning of Scholars…which is that you can be yourself and realize that if you work hard you can do anything that you put your mind to!

  2. Eren

    I like this blog because it makes me feel happy inside when I think of the simple things that I like. It lets my anger come out of my system and be gone.

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