simple morning appreciations

999661_486844324735626_277335791_nAs was discussed in more detail in a previous blog, we at STLC have an established habit now of writing about our gratitude daily. We do it because the day doesn’t feel complete without doing it , because it just feels natural to do it, AND because we have a sense of uplift after having completed our lists. There is never a time when students baulk at writing their lists. mmmm, I like that! Several students were willing to share some or all of their offerings today on our blog. They aren’t earth shattering or out of the ordinary, but are genuine and written without any previous knowledge that they would be shared. When we do this as a community we feel connected and clear about what’s really important.

These are some of the gratitude offerings from today’s early morning circle 2/6/14

I am thankful for…

  •  all the wonderful people that have been in this world in the past and now…Eren
  • eating new foods; going on a hike with Joe; looking at the teacher and paying attention more often; being able to put a puzzle together…Tom
  • the possibility in each day, that I can change my story of me—myself; that I have people who support my dreams and hopes; that I can be social with others; that I have friends who are kind; that I have this new day of possibility; that we are here together; that I am happy; that kindness and being loving are my true nature even when they are not expressed…Tyler
  • people who take the time and effort to make videos about important things that can help to change our lives; people who dare to figure out what their “cages” or stories are and then step out of them—even when it is scary to do so; all of us sitting in a circle together thinking about how to improve our thoughts and actions; couches, chairs, Cardinalcushions, backpacks, etc. that allow us to sit comfortably; that my brothers, sisters and I all have interesting jobs and lives due in part to our parents telling us with their words and actions that we were free from limitations; “our” right-outside-the-window RiverHawk birds…Tien
  • I have the ability to talk, walk, and hear and that I can see; I can finish all my work and do great things in life only if I believe I can; that the sun rose this morning; when I go to sleep I wake up in the morning; the heat and light in RiverHawk; the warm chili we ate last night; the great meal we are going to have tonight…Stella
  • that I am me; that I am here in this moment; that I am smart; that I have two dogs who know when I am hurt or sad; that I am right here, right now; that I had a good night’s sleep; that I know we are going to have a good morning; the earth; the moon…Carson
  • glue; the absence of pain; selling my house; the food we’ll eat; heat, everything about T; my iPad which allows me to learn in new ways…Jay
  • cats and collies; all the people who care for me; soup; the University of Michigan; raising hope; berries; flour; apple pear sauce; raisins and cranberries; cookies and cheesecake…Aaron

We are seeing first hand that gratitude really can be the first step towards healing …changing some of our “stories” that don’t serve us. Really potent!


The drawing above was created by Stella Skonik especially for our recent Dream Seekers RiverHawk weekend …sharing commUNITY with our new friends from American Indian Health and Family Services in Detroit.

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