Share the Joy

Our theme this year at STLC is “Share the Joy.”

We have taken on this project this year as we study world-wide current events. We are focusing on non-violent conflict resolution, ongoing world-wide peace-making efforts, and stories that share joy, peace and goodness. We have a goal of collecting at least 10,000 photos of people around the world sharing joy, laughter, and peace …in order to create a digital giant collage of JOY!

I thought that this blog might be a good venue for us to share our comments, drawings, images, songs, and stories about what brings US joy. Then, upon seeing each other’s joy-makers…that could bring even MORE  joy, happiness, smiles, well-being, and peace…through our connection and laughter with one another.

Are you willing to be apart of a joy epidemic? Please share your thoughts and stories in our comments section. If you have an image to share, please do so through the email address that is in the “contact” section of this website. Then each week, I will update this blog with what our friends from around the world send in to us.


One thought on “Share the Joy

  1. John Amsterdam

    One moment of joy that I had recently was when I found out that I would be able to meet up with a friend from the summer camp I went to last year. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and we finally got to meet. As I pulled up to her house I was suddenly filled with a fear. What if she forgot who I am? But as I walked up to the door and I knocked, I heard the voice of my friend, Mimi. We missed each other for so long, and we finally got to meet. We hugged, and I took her out to lunch. I felt a LOT of joy!
    I hope you guys have tons of joyful moments, too

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