prepping our children for life …with love

As many of us probably did yesterday on Valentine’s Day, I thought about love…for my family, for friends, members past and present of our STLC community, and for the world. And I also thought again about what love means…is it strong? permissive? Does it ebb and flow? Is it hard to do? etc. and etc. I read recently that love is an action, not just a feeling or emotion. I like that.

I got to thinking about the real love (often what some call tough love) it takes to really prepare our children for life in this world, to help them to feel confident and eager to participate in this world with vigor and with all the practical know-how it takes to care for themselves and their world, …and the love, patience, and stick-to-it-ness it takes to show our kids through OUR actions what it means to be in a relationship that actually works and is nurturing for all parties involved! I really like to think on these things and practice them.

It was cool because during my ponderings I came across this article about things kids should do on their own before they are 13 years old. It seemed so in line with what I was thinking about and what we believe and practice at Scholars Together. It is yet another list of some practical things that we can do as parents and teachers (we all are teachers if we have any interaction with kids). For those of you who are Duct Tape Parenting fans, it will sound, oh, so familiar.

Click here for the article that contains the content mentioned above. It is from Red Tricycle.

It would be great to hear your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on this topic.  Perhaps we can start a community chat?

Tien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Leaning Community

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