Our oh-so Relevant Intertwinings

revised purple cushionsSeveral days ago I had the privilege of finding myself sitting alone in the Full Moon Mediation Hall of New Hamlet in Plum Village, in France.   I had been quietly re-appreciating parts of the teaching from that morning by Thich Nhat Hahn that had do with inter-connectedness. I was letting the images of the sun being IN us all set for a while longer in my thought…images of the sunshine being deep within each sheet of paper in my journal, in each tree, in each piece of fruit, within each drop of water, etc. I began to mentally trace the elements that made the sheets of paper in my journal all the way back …to the creative man in Italy who made the journal (I watched him stitch it together), to the store and person who sold him the paper that he stitched, to the hearty truck driver who brought the paper to the store, to whoever loaded it on the truck, packaged it, to the person who designed with precision the machines that produced the paper, to the hardworkingtree loggers who cut the trees, to the beautiful tree that grew and grew in order to be part of this paper – the tree that had used water and sunlight for nourishment. The path led all the way back to the sun! Yes!

This may all sound so simple (great!) but it felt very profound to me as I was ever so grateful for each person and each element of nature that was actually now part of this paper…all the non-paper elements that really made up what the paper in the journal in my hands WAS in that moment. What an amazing cycle that goes on daily, this loop of connection, this togetherness expressed as inter-connection.

sunshineI let my thoughts rest ever-so-gratefully on the sun… thankful for its ever-presence, its warmth, its light, its nurturance, even in the times when it is behind the clouds…it is still there touching us all. I could tangibly FEEL its impact on me in that moment, its influence that touches each of us, that helps to make us who we are, that lives in part IN us!

I thought of the many flowers right outside the door that are so tenderly cared for…with their vibrant colors, shapes, and designs, and realized that each has the sun at its very core…the same Light that is at OUR very core! I basked in those realizations for a few minutes more before walking mindfully to the exit door of this purple-cushioned hall. And then, there…right outside the door, the very first thing I saw was this….a gorgeous morning glory with the sun BEAMING out of the center. revised morning gloryThis was no photo-shopped image…this was real and true and right there! It was such a beautiful cherry-on-top moment. I can’t know that my tale of this will ever quite portray the impact and relevance this flower FULL of sun had on me in that moment…but my wish is that this tender and potent vision and lesson for me will waft through a blog reader’s thought, and he or she will get a glimpse of this circle that is us, to see that the sun is part of us all, that we all are inter-connected in so many ways.

I will let this vision and lesson set in me for quite some time, eager to see and feel its ramifications as it seeps in. I already feel a deeper kinship with the birds, seals and _DSC1081people I see along the beach in California where I sit today…each of us being parts of each other. There truly is NO separation between us. This is a very freeing concept to me that delivers me so close in present-moment spirit to all beings and elements of nature. Yeah!

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Scholars Together Learning CommunityIMG_1596_DSF3282

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