Our Mission

To provide an environment for ENGAGED learning, that creates a climate of possibility — that inspires, honors, and nurtures each member’s true nature and INNATE goodness, and encourages participants to craft a real and optimistic sense of self, while experiencing the joys of contributing to others and our world.


  • To guide students in ways that encourage their best character qualities to evolve, amplify, and flourish – focusing on inner growth and the understanding and appreciation of both our own and others’ authentic selves.
  • To provide opportunities and activities that cultivate spiritual, physical and mental well-being, which develops the whole person and helps one to thrive.

To encourage interdependent thinking, discovery, and living, problem solving, compassionate communication, and responsible care of one’s self, home, family, and planet —  with the aim of becoming contributing, responsible, curious, kind, poised, and enthusiastic citizens.

  • To connect deeply with one another as community members so that we can engage in effective life-long learning, expanding our inner capabilities together.

This is our sixteenth year working with students as Scholars Together Learning Community, and we find that each year our STLC students and guides make strides in our ability to be empathetic to ourselves and others, learn and process information, discover our own talents and learning styles, respect and truly learn from one another, and master new skills in order to live as valuable and active participants in this world. We see tangible progress each day and are both grateful and encouraged. We strive to help students find, access and utilize their unique learning styles that blend with co-operative study and discovery as partners, cultivating mindfulness, curiosity, concentration, and insight – which promotes the care and blossoming of character, enabling us all to learn and contribute to the world around us in productive and rousing ways. Our community grows stronger, more mindful, more compassionate, more effective, and more cohesive each year.


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