Learning to sail our ships

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott


I took this picture this morning after watching this butterfly flying around. At first I thought that, due to the wing damage, it was unable to fly. But after several moments it started flying around. It didn’t go very far at first and it would keep coming back to the same spot… but it didn’t give up. Shortly after I took this photo it flew away.

Even with something as simple as this butterfly with its tattered wings, it just goes to show the inner strength that it and everyone has inside themselves. We’ve all been pushed to the brink at one time or another but we’re still here. That counts for something.

It also says something about our perceptions of others and whether or not they are true or not. I saw a butterfly that looked like it couldn’t fly. But in its own time, when it was ready, it could. Perhaps it was taking some important moments to remind itself that it “could.” I am going to remember this about the people I see who look like they “can’t”…and know that they CAN do it and will do it when they are ready.

written by Zoë Stone-Hess, former STLC student


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