Kindness Challenge

kindnessFor many years our Scholars Together commUNITY has started our year by hosting a “Be the Change” event for families and friends. It always proves to be an inspiring way to come together and begin our new year…pondering and sharing how and what EACH of us will bring through our own thoughts and actions in order to initiate the changes we would like to see in our world.

As we continue in this tradition this year, the event happening on Sunday, September 7th, we are adding a 21-day Kindness challenge to our mix of transformative deeds. We would love for YOU to be part of our ripple of kindness that is already spreading through Kindspring. Click here to join us in our kindness journey. Choose the Scholars Together challenge that begins on September 8th.

I have goosebumps thinking about the ripples of kindness and love that we can spread with this challenge. Here we go…


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