I am an employee!

em·ploy·ee also em·ploy·e  n. (m-ploi, )

A person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation.

Working, Learning, and getting paid for it!

What’s it like to have your first paying job in the REAL world while going to highschool? What skills are needed? How does it feel? Isaac Rowls, a senior at Scholars Together Learning Community, shares his thoughts about his new job.

Isaac 1Having a job is like going to another school while going to a school that you are already attending. For those who do not know, I work at one of my uncle’s Big Boy Restaurants in St. Johns, Michigan as a service assistant. But to make it less complicated, I am a dishwasher there. I also clean bathrooms, the customers’ and employees’ bathrooms, and take the trash out.

I do not know what my co-workers think about working at the Big Boy, but to me, working there is like a workout, which I really like. There is a lot of heavy-lifting when working as a dishwasher, and I am pretty sure it is the same working as a cook, waiter or waitress. Also, being an employee at a restaurant requires speed. For example, I have to make sure that there are dishes out by the salad bar that we have. When there aren’t enough, I grab more clean dishes and run them out there, so we, the employees, can keep the customers happy. Otherwise, they leave the restaurant with a hungry belly. Anyhow, this is why I think of working as a workout.Isaac 2

Another thing I like about working at the Big Boy is that I have made friends there. Every time I go to work, I find myself having a conversation with my co-workers, who are really nice and helpful. I feel like my social skills have improved immensely and I feel more confident talking to people. After my mother died, and when I started living with my aunt and uncle, I did not think I was going to make many friends where I am living. I felt like my social skills were going down the drain. When I started doing different things that involved interacting with people, including working at the Big Boy, everything I thought about my social skills being poor changed in an instant.

Besides the fact that I have a good time at work, there are some challenges I face there. One of them is being patient with other co-workers when they are new, or are angry and taking it out on me, or when they do things to try to irritate me. So far, none of this has happened, but I am prepared to be patient in case something happens. It kind of reminds me of school because I have to be patient with others who are different from me.

Isaac 3Something I intend to improve on is doing exactly what people ask me to do, by listening carefully. Sometimes, a co-worker might ask me to do something while I am in the middle of a job, and by the time I am done with that job, I have to ask the person again what I was supposed to do. Also, one time I misheard the request when a person asked me to go get something, and I thought I heard her say something different, and that was sort of embarrassing. To me, I think this is my biggest challenge so far. But I continue to learn from these challenges.

Overall, Big Boy is helping me prepare for a big future that is ahead of me.

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