Getting to our ROOTS

83325d8d320e185e1ROOTS: Our theme this year is “ROOTS”…not necessarily our ethnic origins, but our character and the values that we carry, stand for, and show by how we live our lives! Here are some questions that we will be exploring as we study the 20th and 21st century history worldwide, and also grapple with our own individual growth and progress:

What is at the root and core of who we are? How do we nurture and maintain our roots? Can any of us 14866b7dcefc285c1function effectively without a solid root system? What are the roots of our families, communities, our country, and our world…how do they hold us together? What roots are we passing to our future generations through our actions?

ca5b79f0daa17de01We will be collecting quotes and photos that have to do with roots, that serve as metaphors and stimulators for our ROOTS journey.

“…well I can stand like a tree with my roots down deep and my branches wide open so I can see…” Joe Reilly, Tree Meditation

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Director and Lead Instructor

10 thoughts on “Getting to our ROOTS

  1. Isaac

    R.O.O.T.S. When I purchased a Flo Rida album, I noticed that the name of the title was an acrunym. The title is called R.O.O.T.S, so I looked it up on the internet, and found out that it stood for Routes Of Overcoming The Struggle. There are just so many things in life that are struggles, and I plan on overcoming MY struggles. So that is one of the things ROOTS will mean for me this year. I look forward to learning how people of this and the past century overcame their struggles, and even how they might have done it in more peaceful ways.

  2. REESE

    “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”
    -Hodding Carter

  3. Liz

    Roots-The Best in Us: At first glance my comments might not seem like they are about ROOTS, but maybe it could be in a way, because every time I have an experience that brings out that best in me, that is getting to the ROOT of who I am. That is what happened for me these past two weeks.
    This summer, I went to Supercamp from August 3-12. Those days were probably the best 10 days of the year. Supercamp is a camp that teaches you life skills, academics, and team-building. Supercamp is worldwide. They have locations in Asia, Switzerland, Turkey, North Carolina, California, New York, and Colorado. I chose to go to Stanford. The campus is so pretty, and I love to be in California. I went to camp last year, fell in love with it, and knew I had to go back.
    On day 1, I was hesitant to go. I remembered last year’s experience, and didnt know if this would live up to it. I arrived at camp, and already it was amazing. When you get to camp, you get split up into teams. Over the 10 days, your team becomes like your family. This year I was on Team H. We met our teams, and played team trivia, which was fun. We played a lot of team-building games like spin and hug, round and round, and ninja. Then we went to dinner in the Stanford cafeteria. On day 2, we basically did the same thing with a little bit of learning. We learned about Fimage, which is the fear of your own image. They were teaching us not to care what others thought of us, and say “no fimage!” Day one and two were so much fun, and I couldn’t wait for the next 9 days.
    Day 3 we started academic minis. Those were the academics that we didn’t focus too much on, but we still learned a lot from them in the few short hours. We learned Math Mastery and SAT/ACT prep on Day 3. In math, we got into groups and made math problems for others to solve. We also played Integer Olympics, which was fun! After the academics, we got to do afternoon activities. With my new friend Kelly, we went to play soccer.
    Day 4 we did Creative writing, and a lot of trust games to prepare for Outdoor Adventure Day. In creative writing, we wrote stories, and learned some methods for essay writing. After lunch, we started our trust activities. We started by having our team lay on the floor, put our hands up, and carry a team mate on their back across the line. When we finished, we went to song session, and mystery words. In mystery words, we learn 2 vocab words per day, that will probably be on the SAT. After that, and dinner, we went back to the main room for another trust activity. Each team member climbed up a ladder, and fell backwards into the arms of their team. It was pretty scary since there were no ropes attached to us. But it was nice to know that you could trust your friends, after knowing them for only 4 days.
    Day 5 was one of the best days at camp. The whole day was spent outside, in the woods. We did 7 low events, and 3 high events. One of the high events was called the pole. It was a telephone pole, and you had to climb up to the top. When you got there, you have to jump backwards into the air. It was pretty exhilirating, but also very fun! We also did the bridge. It is basically a balance beam in the air. The last one we did was the high V. We did this in partners. There were two tight ropes that were shaped like a V, and you had to support each other through that. After dinner, we did a silent activity. Instead of thanking our teams with our words, we did it with our eyes. You walked in a huge circle acknowledging everyone at camp.
    Day 6, 7, and 8 were academic rotations. We learned Quantum Reading, Quantum Strategies, and Quantum Writing. We learned so many strategies such as Notes TM, Mindmapping, OTFD, AAMR, SLANT, and we learned how to speed read. This was such a fun way to learn school subjects. Observations, Thoughts, Feelings, Desires; Acknoweldge, Apologize, Make it right, Re commit;
    Sit up, Lean forward, Ask questions, Nod your head, Talk to your teachers

    Day 9 was our final full day together. We started our day off with Supercamp High. We went to “school” for half the day, showing off what we learned from the past 8 days. It was so fun! I got all my school credits! After lunch, we broke our barriers. On one side of a wooden board, you wrote a goal- mine was to achieve a 3.7 gpa or higher. On the other side, you write what was stopping you. Mine was procrastination and laziness. When it is your turn, you are all ready to break your barrier. They put the barrier face up, and with your hand you break the board in half. This year, I will achieve a 3.7 GPA. I CAN DO IT!! At night, we all said one thing we value in our lives. Then we said “tonight I take a stand for my greatness.”
    The final day. Day 10 was by far the saddest day. It was graduation day, and time to say goodbye. We went through our graduation, showing the parents what we learned in these days. Then, it was really time to say “goodbye.” In better terms “see you soon!” We were all sad, as we sang the song “Hero” with our team. I made lifelong friends here, and will continue to keep in contact with them.

    Our whole group of friends is signing up for Leadership Team next year. We are already in the planning process, and just can’t wait for Supercamp 2010!!!

  4. Jordan

    The Start of Something New: I really like the title “Hello world!” One of the definitions I found for ROOTS is “the fundamental or essential part: the root of a matter.” The reason I like this definition is because it represents to me THE START OF SOMETHING NEW. I’ve had many struggles in my life and I know I can’t change what has already happened, but I believe that if I look down to the core of my ROOTS I will find a good person, one who is trying to come out and show everyone (including myself) the REAL me –and that is the start of something new.

  5. Tien Post author

    True Colors: It seems to me that our ROOTS are really our true colors, those qualities about ourselves that are good and true…those qualities that are ALWAYS there, even if they seem covered up sometimes. I find that it is important to nurture those roots, just like I do with the plants in my garden…giving them water, sunshine, getting those weeds out from around them so that they can breathe and grow. When I take time each morning to remind myself of my true roots, I find it easier to guard myself from the thoughts that might come up during my day that say “you can’t do that” or “this is too hard” or “I am not good at that”, or “I don’t like that person” or other negative things like that. It makes it easier to pull out those mental weeds, those negative thoughts, if I am clear that I stand firm and tall like a giant Sequoia, or that I am solid like a mountain, or flexible to go around the obstacles like the mountain stream. Taking these quiet affirming moments for myself helps my roots take root in my living each day!

  6. Jay

    Ever-Growing and Developing: During the amazing odyssey that T and I experienced this summer, it has been obvious all the way how important our roots are to all of us. My roots, my core values, my own unique way of reacting to the world, have been on display through times of raw fear, difficult personal challenges, interaction with others, and times of pure joy. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to think about where and how my roots were formed and who all had a hand in their development. I’ve also been made aware of all the nurturing and developing my roots are still undergoing; certainly a work in progress.

  7. Carley

    How rich is my soil? I have been thinking about how important the soil is to a plant and its ability to grow strong and deep roots. We can plant lots of seeds and they will grow IF the soil is kept rich and cultivated. The soil is kind of like our consciousness…our thinking. Do we keep our thinking high and rich or does it need nourishment or a boost? Sometimes we add some Miracle Grow to our plants and their roots. How could this relate to our thinking…how could we use a type of Miracle Grow for our thoughts? Like we examine a plant to see if it needs some nourishment, we need on a regular basis to examine our thoughts to see if they need enrichment. We give our plants tender loving care, and we need to give our thinking tender loving care. I am going to ponder how I can best keep my thoughts (soil) boosted so my roots are deep, and would love to hear how others are doing that, too.

  8. Ari

    I made some new friends and saw some old friends at camp this summer. Some of the activities that I liked to do there were color war, gymnastics, and arts and crafts. Some of the roots of our camp are giving peace and happiness to the world by the way we live our lives. We also share love and a caring attitude, and try to show those qualities in our conversations and actions.

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