What  AMAZES YOU about our Earthscape?

What makes you say GEE! or WOW! or Amazing! I’ve been saying those words a lot lately as we have spent the summer traveling in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Montana. I think we were noticing things in even a more profound way because we knew we were going to be studying world geology this year in our Scholars Community…so we were really looking deeply at what we saw and wondering why. I am eager to explore just how these mountains got here! Why do they look so different from state to state, country to country? Which ones were formed by glaciers? How can you tell? How have they changed over the years? What do all the visible lines and layers mean? Why do the beaches look so different from south to north in California? Why are the swooping cliffs so prevalent in Northern California and not in the south? Why is the beach sand different?

big-sur-coast-62What ideas, questions and photos do YOU have to add to our list of  “I wonder why” or “Gee wiz”?

It would be great to get a collection of wonderings, musings and questions for us to ponder in our research. We are looking forward to your comments and questions that might spur us on in our investigation.

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Director and Lead Instructor

Photography by Jay Langlois

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