Flexible Comm-UNITY

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Director/Lead Instructor, ST Learning Communityhuman-arch

We found out this week that we truly are a flexible comm-UNITY in so many ways!

Individually and as a group we know how to stretch, to come together, to bend, to manuveur, to leap, to carry one another, to squeeze together, to untangle, to dive in, to teach, to learn, to lead, to follow, to speed up, to slow-down, to breathe in and out, to be solid like a stone, to find our mountain-top perspectives, to stay buoyant upon our good qualities, to find our quiet moments for refueling, and take our together moments that generate community…we lived comm-UNITY in ways that are now blossoming within each of us. We discovered that EACH of us is necessary for our Scholars community to flow and thrive…EACH of us has our unique expression, our own important part of this symphony that is Scholars!


3 thoughts on “Flexible Comm-UNITY

  1. Liz

    A community to me is a group of people working together. This week at Scholars we were all a big community while working and living together. If even one person was not participating fully or was acting in a negative way, then we were not a full community. When we had a person missing from our group for one reason or another, we could feel it until that person decided to join in again. If there is somebody not participating, our group tries to encourage that person to join in. If they do, we will all be united again 🙂 Even if they don’t we will all find a way to unite again because that is what a community does.

  2. Silvia

    I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings. Please keep it coming, It is very interesting to me.

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