Fear Face-off

zzzzippppping our fears away!

Written by Liz Rosner, second year student at Scholars Together Learning Community

zip-61zip-43We all have fears and have to face them at some time in our life. Two weeks ago we all had to face some of our fears when we went to the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center to do zip-lining.  We were all able to see different aspects of fear, since we were not all scared of the same things.  For some it was jumping off the tall tower platform and going down the zip-line, while for others it was climbing up the very shaky rope ladder.  In the areas in which we were not afraid, we were able to encourage others.  We even encouraged people in the things we did fear, and it gave us courage to do it ourselves.

zip-91zip-13zip-12For me climbing the rope ladder was the hardest, the scariest.  I soon found I just  had to take one step at a time in order to get to the top.  I realized that this applies to other aspects of my life where I feel fear, such as taking the ACT.  But with practice and encouragement, one step at a time, I know I can succeed…just as I did on the rope ladder.

zip-23zip-17dave-and-ariWhen all was said and done, we were able to face some of our fears, recognize our strengths, and still have a lot of fun!

zip-19leylazip-1Yesterday our group was reading the script of part of the new Amelia Earhart movie and one of the things Amelia said really fit with this blog topic: “Fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. The process, the journey, is its own reward.”liz

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  2. Isaac

    These would be my captions for each of these photos.
    1. Up the Mountain we go
    2. Getting to Know Each Other
    3. Long Way Up
    4. Hanging On For Dear Life
    5. WOOHOO!
    6. Screaming Sensation (I love this one. lol)
    7. Come to me…
    8. PUSH!
    9. It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Superman! Oh wait, it’s Reese!
    10. Can We Do It Again?
    11. Recap
    12. Puttin’ A Smile On That Face

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