At Scholars Together Learning Community we are committed to active, reflective, creative learning. We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with mindfulness, individualized support, encouragement, and a climate of possibility for all. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing compassion, respect and empathy for ourselves and each other. We believe that everyone CAN learn and make thoughtful decisions. An integral part of our learning process provides opportunities to learn by questioning, discovering, and solving problems, while using the treasures and strengths that live within each of us. We have great success utilizing the Learning Loop™© Process: Discover, Discuss, Practice and Teach, as our primary way of learning, integrating, and solidifying what we learn.

We are an inclusive learning community without walls using theme-oriented and hands-on partner projects that interrelate and motivate the study of science, humanities, current events,   literature, problem solving, lifeskills and critical thinking. We keep current as to what is happening locally and worldwide, helping us to obtain a realistic view and see that we all are stewards.

Practical aspects of real-life learning and living  are offered using our lodge in a state recreation area amidst wooded trails and a winding river. We integrate the mysteries of nature that awaken the core of who we are, with character development, physical activity, academics, and group dynamics . We spend 3 days and 2 overnights each week living in community – learning, cooking, working, meditating, building, and exploring many venues together, while growing individually and gaining concrete experiences in effective community building.

Individually-paced mastery learning programs are designed for each participant in reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, writing, auditory processing, languages and math, that correspond with our group studies in character, literature, science, communication, and humanities. We encourage diverse-style learners to develop their special talents and find effective tools for learning and progressing in all academic areas, often learning from and teaching one another.

Slice of Life, our Scholars trademark virtual real-life simulation, begins with a random selection of a career and a family status. Based on these selections, dwellings, transportation, furniture, food, clothing and all the necessities of living are budgeted and managed. Then students set up virtual housekeeping and family living, paying all bills, deciding upon childcare and education, doing virtual grocery and maintenance shopping, designing one’s dwelling, choosing family activities and what holidays to celebrate and how, etc. This flows as a practical and realistic exercise of adult and family life, complete with financial obligations, monthly twists and turns, balancing work and family obligation schedules, budgeting, price comparisons, bank accounts, check writing, and using bookkeeping software. It is one of Scholars students’ very favorite ongoing activities.

Exposure to literature in a variety of forms and depth in order to inspire and boost reading, writing, research, and study skills, while generating an understanding of our world’s diverse cultures.

Instruction and practice in life skills that encourage independent and inter-dependent living, responsible care of self, home, family, community, and planet, and a working understanding of personal budgeting and finances.

Exploration of visual, musical, and performing arts through workshops, hands-on projects, participation in community theater, dance and independent discovery

Exposure to technology, using computers and iPads as tools for expression, research, discovery, creativity, coding and presentation.

Participation daily in life-long sports that integrate one’s mind, body and spirit, the cultivation of physical and mental health, with active exploration of cooperative group dynamics.

Involvement in our community through participation in local and world-wide peacemaking events and humanitarian service projects.