This is how grateful I am for my community's tender and constant support. It has been overwhelming and life-giving!

  • com·mu·ni·ty

  • Pronunciation: \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\

a unified body of individuals; an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location; a body of persons with a common goal who finds ways to support each other, while supporting the goal; joint ownership or participation;  common character; likeness, fellowship

A comm-UNITY is an amazing thing and is as strong as the participation of each person within it. What does comm-UNITY mean to you? How does it happen? How do we nourish and support it? What are the ROOTS of a community?

My sister, Jill, the one in the photo, is an amazing person…a true comm-UNITY supporter in so many ways. She is joyful, has a true zest for life, is an idea woman and go-getter, and most of all, is just plain grateful every day for life, for friends, family and community…even when some of the days have been really tough. She has had a struggle these past two years and it has been her opportunity to feel the AMAZING support of several of her communities….which include many, many people who have taken the time to think, do and say wonderful things as a support to her. Even an entire town in Colorado has let her know in tangible ways how much they love and support her! It has been overwhelming at times with the amount of cards, calls, prayers, hugs, and so many types of love that have come her way! And each one of those manifestations of  community (love in action) has been a lift for her…enough to get her up on one of her beloved horses for this ride, when many thought perhaps that could not happen. This is what community support can do…this is what LOVE expressed can do. Think of it! Think of what it can do for our world.

How has support, comm-UNITY in action, played a part in your life?…made a difference in your life for the good? Please share your stories.

written by Tien Stone Langlois, Director and Lead Instructor

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