Careful, checking I.D.s at the Door

After spending much of my summer in a variety of mountaintop and real cowboy venues out West, this is my new  little virtual  bouncer (whom I picture sitting next to my ear, or on my forehead) who reminds me to STOP, recognize the type of thought that may be trying to masquerade as my own…and then either ponder it and let it take root, or allow it to float right on by if it is not healthy or helpful.

It is quite an amazing thing to discover that there are all these thoughts…floating around invisibly all the time, kind of like the radio waves…that don’t originate in ME, though they sure seem like they do! And even more terrific is that, just like when using a radio, I can select the channel. I can CHOOSE what I invite in. Does the thought contain joy, hope or possibilities? Or lead me to a new and higher perspective about something that I have been dealing with? Is it kind? Does it degrade me or another…or does it lift us both up, nurturing our potential and sense of ourselves? will the thought bring me up or pull me down?

I am careful about the food that goes into my mouth…is it delicious? What kind of after taste will it leave in my mouth? Are the ingredients fresh and wholesome? Will it truly nourish me, or is it JUNK food? It’s the same for the thoughts that come knocking, sometimes even almost breaking down that door to consciousness, or other times slyly trying to creep in…I can CHOOSE, just like I do my food, those sumptuous, innocent, practical, sustaining, uplifting, forward thoughts and digest them. I can check their ID’s. And I can throw those that don’t serve me well, are not productive, or that bring me down out with the garbage.

Isn’t it great to know that we ALL have an internal “bouncer” who never sleeps, is ever awaiting our employ, and has the ability to make good choices for us all? Give a check… Is s/he presently on duty somewhere near the door of thought?

written by Tien Stone Langlois, grateful person and thought-watcher

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